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About Us

TeckHouz – Salesforce Development Company, creates tailored Salesforce CRM and cloud computing solutions for companies and organizations of different sizes. We endeavor to become trusted Salesforce advisor and have a focus on delivering phenomenal Salesforce Service. We help clients become more buoyant, valuable and responsive by empowering them with the cloud, mobile, and social technologies. We have successfully completed over 500 engagements assisting clients design, develop and manage a wide range of solutions based on

We are most experienced Hubspot partner agency in India providing all-round services in Web Design and Web Development. With over seven successful years into the business, we are delighted to continue working with many Hubspot partner agencies and Hubspot users by executing several high profile inbound marketing campaigns and web development projects.

Salesforce Implementation:

With rich experience in CRM development, TeckHouz provides Salesforce implementation services, including consulting, configuration, customization (tuning the platform and custom development), migration, integration. We also deliver support and evolution services.

We ensure Quality and Quick Delivery of our Services. Team TeckHouz bring together cloud, mobile, and social technology expertise, and a deep understanding of the way people work. By involving our customers in a highly iterative approach — powered by collaborative technology and with access to unlimited resources through crowdsourcing — we deliver results quickly.

Our Implementation Stages Include:

  • Salesforce Consulting
  • Configuration & Customization
  • Integration
  • Data Migration for Legacy Systems
  • User Training
  • Product Launching
  • Product Support After Launch

Benefits of Salesforce Implementation by TeckHouz

  • Complete Transparency
  • Seamless Communication
  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Advice from Technical Experts


Migration to Salesforce:

Safely migrate from your current CRM or an older version of Sales Cloud in Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning with our consultants. They will ensure secure transfer of your sales-related data from your current solution and help to prevent issues hindering the sales process, like data corruption and a user adoption problem.

Salesforce Lightning Migration:

Develop a Feature-Rich Instance That Yields Results. Utilize the advantageous components of Lightning for a diverse yet integrated Salesforce CRM. It is not necessary that your enterprise necessarily require a variegated Salesforce Lightning UI but it is always better to construct a holistic system that can provide you with all the features of an excellent Salesforce Support. An ideal Salesforce Lightning Interface contains the following features

  • Easy Customization:

    You can control the reorganization of your pages, its layout even more conveniently with the help of a few new options.

  • Einstein:

    Lightning version helps you to get the feature of Salesforce Einstein which is an artificial intelligence that helps you to prioritize your leads.

  • Phone Compatibility:

    Salesforce Lightning components are designed to work as well on cell phone devices as they are on desktop computers.

  • Simplicity:

    It helps you simplify a lot of day to day tasks that your team would otherwise spend a lot of time working on manually.

Salesforce Service Automation:

Salesforce Service Cloud is an online customer service software solution that captures and integrates data from call centres, online helpdesks, communities and social media in one cloud-based application. So whichever way your customers get in touch with you, you can respond with fast personalised customer service on any channel and from any device. Not only is this operationally easier for your customer service agents, but also you’re meeting customers’ expectations of multi-channel support. And because our customer support software is cloud-based, your service and support is instant. No more lengthy deployment cycles that delay you getting back to your customers and no need for different platforms for your call centre software, CTI, knowledge bases and online communities

What Service Cloud Can do:

  • Give your customers the best experience, every time.

    Trailblazing customer service means creating personalized, conversational experiences, no matter where or how customers interact with your company.

  • Help your agents and managers deliver the right answers, faster.

    Empower agents and managers to provide smarter service with the collaboration and productivity tools they need, as well as a complete view of the customer.

  • Let service insights inform your entire business. And vice versa.

    Easily share data and get complete customer insights across sales, service, marketing, and product. Even from technicians in the field.

  • Keep pace with your customers with a complete service platform.

    Build service — the way your customers want it — into every part of your business, with our extensible, flexible cloud platform.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FLS):

Field Service Lightning (FSL) is part of the Salesforce Service Cloud suite, a management tool that enhance field service management by automation and integration of tasks for agents, dispatchers and mobile employees. Therefore provides a streamlined service experience with an intelligent and productive workforce.

What is the use of FLS?

  • Mobile Employees:

    With Field Service Lightning, field service techs can see their whole schedule for the day on any iOS or Android device. When it’s time for their next appointment, they can get directions from any navigational app in just one click, right from the app, and when they’re on-site, they can use the app to contact the customer (by phone, SMS text message, or email), easily update parts and inventory, access system-suggested knowledge articles, and attach photos if needed, all without needing to leave the work order.

    Thanks to AI-powered Einstein Vision, field agents can use image recognition to quickly and accurately identify assets and parts, helping to improve first-time fix rates and prevent wasted time—no more situations where the field service tech realizes too late that they needed Part Q instead of Part L. (In addition, supervisors can set up the system so that an item’s visual classification automatically delivers the proper set-up steps to technicians, making them even more efficient.)

  • Dispatchers

    Dispatchers can use Field Service Lightning to fill in schedules, respond to emergencies, and coordinate any type of mobile resource (and better yet, do so all from the same view). Field Service Lightning gives dispatchers a map that not only displays all field operations and traffic (in real time, to boot), but it also allows them to create service territories that make sense for their business. No cookie-cutter templates here.

    Another way Field Service Lightning helps out dispatchers is by automatically routing jobs to the best field agent based on said agent’s skills and current location, as well as whatever custom business rules would best serve your organization. If your dispatchers are like your company’s pilots, Field Service Lightning acts like an auto-pilot—the machine taking on the routine operations while your people handle what they do best. Connected products are a great example of this division of labor. If hooked up to the correct network, connected products can automatically generate work orders to initiate repairs without the need for a dispatcher, allowing them to focus on the human interactions they do best.

  • Supervisors

    And don’t think managers get left out of the fun—among its many other benefits, Field Service Lightning can generate informative graphics that easily convey operation status and employee productivity, helping supervisors identify opportunities for training and putting out fires as soon as they see them (and before they grow into raging infernos).

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ automates your configure-price-quote and billing processes so that your team can quickly and easily build accurate quotes and close deals. Your sales reps can use Salesforce CPQ’s intuitive product configurator to create both simple and complex customer quotes with consistent and accurate pricing that respects your business rules and channel partner commitments.

With one click, deliver a fully-branded quote for immediate approval, with relevant product documentation, terms and conditions, and support for electronic signatures.

CPQ Highlights:

  • Produce Accurate Quotes:

    Up-to-date product configurations and customer-specific pricing take the guesswork out of building and delivering quotes. With guided selling, cross-sells and up-sells are no longer left to chance.

  • Deliver Consistent Results:

    Pre-determined volume discount levels and automated approval workflows provide governance peace of mind. Deliver quotes with products and services that can be quickly invoiced and provisioned.

  • Drive Business Growth:

    Territory-based pricing, support for multiple currencies, channel management tools, product bundles, and payment and commission tracking support your company’s geographic expansion. Subscription management drives recurring service revenues and customer retention.

Our Services

Custom Development

Salesforce brings the power of cloud computing to your sales efforts. With increasing competition, it is essential that you use only the best sales solutions to boost business revenue and profitability. At TeckHouz, we understand that you will have specific sales needs and use our Salesforce expertise to mold this lighting fast and scalable platform to suit your sales needs perfectly. This customer relationship management platform is fully customizable and provides a host of tools that our developers use to meet your demanding business requirements. We use Salesforce to seamless join your sales, marketing and services efforts to deliver more value for your business. With Salesforce, it’s possible to create a compelling CRM which connects the service provider with the vendor and customers, all at once in a unified, intuitive cloud-based platform.

When you combine the power of the Salesforce CRM with the experienced Salesforce development services team we have, it is easier than ever to create more meaningful relationships with your customers and generate sustainable profits. This platform allows data sharing, connects groups and offers the highest levels of cloud-based security making it a one-stop solution for all your customer management needs.

Support Services

Continuously Ensure Your Optimal Salesforce Experience: Managed Support

Support, Administration and Customizing expertise is critical to the continued success and wider adoption of any CRM implementation.

After successful implementation, you may engage us for ongoing support via email, phone irrespective of your location. This option can save you half the cost of hiring a full time Salesforce Administrator, our Support packages are just not limited to Administration but also includes Apex, Visualforce and API development. Alternately if you think you may need dedicated monthly support, feel free to talk to our Sales team about our dedicated resource package.

Compared to other applications Salesforce(R) CRM is relatively simple and easy to use and basic configurations can be managed by day-to-day users. However on many occasions your focus is on a business to run and your sales teams have revenue targets to deliver. Managing and administering the CRM application is not a competency that is core to delivering value to your customers. We can take that up for you and ensure high quality service and timely support is provided to your business. Talk to us about the different support packages we have to offer.

Support Benefits

  • Best Practice, Training and Support
  • Access to Certified Developers and Administrators
  • Maximises your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 12 x 5 Phone / Email Support
  • 4 Hour response for all issues
  • Dedicated Contact

Software Testing (Automation)

TeckHouz Salesforce testing services help enterprises validate their customized Salesforce functionalities and integrations with other enterprise apps. We provide a wide range of testing services covering all modules of Salesforce such as Accounts, Leads, Campaigns, Contacts, Opportunity and Reports. We also provide full life cycle testing services to help organizations implementing or Independent Software Vendors (ISV) building applications.

TeckHouz Salesforce testing service spans across the various components of platform such as Configuration, Integration, Customization, App Exchange components, and Cloud.


With TechHouz comprehensive strategies, industry-specific solutions, specialized solutions and accelerators and delivery center of excellence, our clients receive the following benefits:

  • Innovative solutions, agile delivery.
  • Customer experience centric design.
  • Multi-layered security design.
  • Drive increased customer satisfaction and accelerating sales and service efficiency levels.
  • Reduced costs and faster ROI.

Why choose TeckHouz


TeckHouz is a group of energetic and passionate people who are driven about innovation and about your prosperity.

Unlimited Support

Our Unlimited support facilities help you to maintain and constantly upgrade our products according to the latest technologies and versions.


We have rich experience in providing Salesforce solutions like App development, Customization and much more to our clients.


Salesforce Certified

All our Salesforce consultants are certified with the proving their knowledge in and around Salesforce Architecture, providing simple solutions to complex problems.

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